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May 10, 2022

Improved Focusonics® directional speakers’ experience

Several product changes have been implemented into Focusonics® directional speakers aiming to improve the experience for its users. Both Model A and Model B speaker advancements feature a more compact wireless speaker design, sound play trigger from external sensors, and else.
March 29, 2022

Focusonics® museum solution to improve the visitor experience

Focusonics® museum solution integrates the NCheck Visitor Management system with Focusonics® directional speakers to create an attention-grabbing experience for its visitors through person recognition and individualized messages. Once an individual enters the art gallery or a museum, they enroll themselves through the NCheck system. While a camera takes a picture of them, they provide some biographic data, such as name, age, and language, and save the information to the database.
March 15, 2022

Top 5 Use Cases of Directional Speakers

This article predominantly focus on the top 5 use case applications of Focusonics® speakers.
March 9, 2022

Ultrasonic speakers attract visitors to the art installation

Based on artificial intelligence technologies the art installation features the first-ever robot poet that writes prose to the visitors in Lithuanian.
January 14, 2022

Focusonics® directional speakers in Garden Aotearoa Exhibition

Focusonics® directional speakers were used to develop an interactive art installation during the Ars Electronica 2021 - a festival for art, technology, and society.
December 8, 2021

Sound installation for a phonic contemporary opera

This fall Focusonics® team had an opportunity to work with the composer Jonas Jurkūnas and playwright Kristina Savickiene to bring the idea of a journey through sound and light to life. The directional speakers were used to create a sound installation for a phonic contemporary opera’s Nida School Chronicles collective rehear.
November 29, 2021

Focusonics® directional speakers appeared in the Vilnius Art Academy (VDA) gallery Artifex

During the month of October Focusonics® directional speakers appeared in the Vilnius Art Academy (VDA) gallery Artifex. The sound system was integrated into an exhibition “Intuitive instructions”, created by a Lithuanian artist Donatas Norušis. “Intuitive instructions” consisted of four sound installations that used physical features of sound to tell the artist’s stories about the mythology of the art field.
August 20, 2021

Focusonics® speaker in National Museum of Lithuania

In 2021 Neurotechnology has partnered with the National Museum of Lithuania (House of Histories department) to create an attention grabbing museum installation that ensures visitor engagement throughout the exhibition.
May 26, 2021

Evolution of Audio Technology

The majority of households around the world have a sound system in place. This could be a loudspeaker, a TV, a computer or even a mobile phone. As many contemporary technologies pack certain sound features, it appears that sound systems have become indispensable elements underlying our everyday life.
May 10, 2021

Combatting Covid Perspex Screens with Directional Speakers

Before the beginning of the Coronavirus pandemic in 2019, you would typically expect to see perspex screens used in banks to help ensure the safety of employees behind the work station. Similarly, perspex screens could be found on public buses so bus companies could improve the welfare of their drivers.
April 26, 2021

Can sound be used as a weapon?

The technological development of sound systems have increased their utility in various fields. As a result, several governmental institutions around the world, such as the military and police, invented and adopted various devices that implement sound technologies for peacekeeping, surveillance, and other purposes.
April 16, 2021

What are the different types of speakers?

Speakers are devices that convert electric audio signals into mechanical vibrations that create sound waves. The current variety of speakers available in the market utilise different technological solutions to recreate sound.
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