Focusonics® Speakers Included in an Audiovisual Installation at Venice Biennale 2024 - Focusonics

Focusonics® Speakers Included in an Audiovisual Installation at Venice Biennale 2024

In 2023 the Focusonics® team was approached by Institut Ramon Llull, whose mission is to promote the Catalan language and culture. Two Focusonics® speakers were chosen to refine the auditory experience for the project Bestiari, created by Carlos Casas and curated by Filipa Ramos for the 60th Venice Biennale.

The pavilion invites the spectators for an immersive audiovisual experience to feel the natural rhythms of the Catalonian National Parks. Bestiari draws inspiration from the medieval novel Disputa de l’ase, written in the 15th century. It discusses human existence and its superiority over the animal kingdom. With the help of innovative audio technology, including the Focusonics® directional speakers, the creators of the exhibition were able to offer an exclusive insight into the dynamic soundscape of the Catalonian flora and fauna.

Focusonics® Used to Project Realistic Natural Landscape

The spectators were invited to listen to the sounds of seven animals, which were emitted by the various audio devices, distributed in the space to replicate an authentic natural environment.

The exhibition included Model A and Model B Focusonics speakers that were mounted overhead. Both of the Focusonics speakers, due to their directional sound ability, were used to transpire the sounds of bats to targeted sound zones. This sound localization created the illusion that the bats were present only at that particular area. “I have to say that the implementation of both Focusonics is great and I was impressed at how the directed audio impacts a certain area due to the frequency, and how accurate the audio signal is. The overall installation had a very good reception,” said Marta Millet Agustí, Head of Production, Catalonia in Venice | Bestiari | Carlos Casas

Photos by: Gerda Studio and Flavio Coddou.

Focusonics® Model A and Model B

Elevate your displays and exhibitions with directional audio. Focusonics® directional speakers can be used to customize the audio in different spaces, emitting a rich focused sound. They can provide audio in museums to make specific exhibits more interactive and enhance retail environments or any space, needing localized sound.

The Model A works best at distances of around 3 to 15 meters and is an ideal option for larger spaces.

The Model B can be equipped for distances between 1 and 5 meters and works well when mounted overhead.

Contact us directly and our team will be able to provide you with a personalized solution.

Focusonics® Speakers Included in an Audiovisual Installation at Venice Biennale 2024
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