Retail Applications for Directional Speaker - Focusonics™


The Focusonics™ speaker can be mounted above the shelf of a specific product to transmit relevant information for customers who come close to the shelf – avoiding any unnecessary spillover of irrelevant sound to other areas of the store and disturbing shoppers. Utilising directional audio technology for displays in retail has proven to be a more fruitful marketing technique in contrast to advertising messages via the main shop speaker. This is due to the enhanced personalisation of messaging directed to nearby customers, resulting in increased genuine attention to the marketed product.

When Focusonics™ is directed towards a display or product, the sound will seem to originate from the product – ideal for exclusive product promotions.

Focusonics™ speakers can be mounted at self-checkout machines, so that information spoken by the machines is only heard by relevant customers.

Focusonics™ can also be combined with computer vision for personalized advertising. See our custom solutions for more information.

Our speakers have a simple installation process, leaving an attractive and slick look. The new capabilities of targeted marketing of your choice through directed sound offer a large potential return on investment. Check out the Focusonics™ Model A & Model B speakers to begin your directional audio journey in retail.