1. Acceptance of Terms

By using any part of the Focusonics.com Website or purchasing our products, you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions. If you do not agree, you should not use the Website or purchase any products.

2. Customer Identity

Private customers and representatives of business customers commit that they are adult, capable and have provided the right and correct information about themselves while making an order, otherwise Neurotechnology reserves the right to cancel orders with incorrect and/or false customer information.

The customers will be solely responsible for any consequences, inconvenience and losses if they provide false or incorrect information about themselves.

The customer information includes:

  • full name of the person that makes the order;
  • company name (if the order is made on behalf of a company);
  • email address;
  • full shipping address;
  • phone number.

Neurotechnology does not require its customers to register on the Focusonics.com website at the moment, thus the Customer has to provide full and correct information while making every order. See also the Privacy policy.

3. Right to do Business

  • You warrant that you have the full right to enter into this Agreement and that no litigation impedes your ability to perform your obligations hereunder.

4. Description of Products

  • By using any part of the Focusonics.com Website or purchasing our products, you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions. If you do not agree, you should not use the Website or purchase any products.

5. Pricing & Payment

  • All prices on Focusonics.com website are in Euro.
  • The prices do not include shipping charges or any taxes (including VAT or customs).
  • Customers from European Union member countries have to pay 21% Value Added Tax (VAT) for the goods that are shipped to EU member countries and for the shipping of these goods, unless they provide a valid VAT Payer’s ID that corresponds to their company or organization.
  • Customers should pay for their orders in advance, no payment on delivery is available. Once the order is paid, Neurotechnology will start processing the order.
  • There are three methods of payment available:
    • PayPal™. The secure online payment processing will be done by PayPal.
    • Stripe. Multiple online payment options via Stripe.
    • Bank transfer. A proforma invoice for payment will be sent to the customer after the order is placed.

6. Order Processing

Neurotechnology will try to do its best to process a paid order as soon as possible. However, the shipping times do not depend on Neurotechnology, as Neurotechnology performs order shipping using shipping companies services.

The order processing is done in these steps and time periods:

  1. The Customer places an order using Focusonics.com online shopping cart.
    • For the shopping cart orders all total prices for ordered products and shipping services are calculated automatically by the shopping cart software.
    • If a Customer has chosen payment by bank transfer using the online shopping cart, Neurotechnology will generate and send a proforma invoice for payment to a provided address. If some products or shipping services are unavailable at that moment, Neurotechnology will contact the Customer to arrange a possible solution before generating the invoice.
  2. The Customer pays for the order using the available payment options either immediately if paying through PayPal, or after receiving a proforma invoice from Neurotechnology.
  3. Neurotechnology waits for the confirmation that the order has been paid.
    • For PayPal and Stripe payments the confirmation is usually available on the same or the next business day after the payment is performed.
    • For bank transfer the confirmation is usually available from 1 to 7 business days after the transfer is performed.
  4. Once the payment confirmation is received, Neurotechnology processes the order and arranges the order shipping. If items are in stock, they are shipped within 1 to 2 business days. Otherwise the customer will be informed of the estimated shipping date.

The order is collected and delivered to the customer by a shipping company. The shipping time usually depends on the customer’s location and the shipping company’s performance. The shipping process may take up to 10 business days; within the EU it usually takes 1 to 2 business days.

7. Shipping

  • Customers pay for shipping the products that they have ordered at Focusonics.com
  • Focusonics.com uses the shipping services from DHL to deliver goods to its customers. The delivery terms are thus defined by a shipping company that performs delivery of specific orders.
  • Focusonics.com ships from a warehouse in Lithuania.

8. Warranty

  • Neurotechnology ltd. warrants this product against defects in materials and workmanship for two (2) years from purchase date under normal consumer use conditions. If the product fails during normal and proper use within the warranty period, Neurotechnology will repair or replace the product. The liability of Neurotechnology does not include any incidental or consequential damages.
  • This warranty does not include failure caused by improper installation, operation, maintenance, accident, damage, misuse, modifications not approved by Neurotechnology, normal wear and tear, any event or act outside Neurotechnology’s control.
  • This warranty does not apply if the serial number of the product has been altered or removed, warranty seals have been damaged or altered or the product has been tampered or repaired by unauthorized personnel.

9. Refunding & Returning

  • Returns accepted within 7 days of receipt under specified conditions.
  • Refunds issued for products in functional, undamaged, original packaging.
  • Shipping charges and VAT is not refundable.

10. Changes to Online Shop Policy

  • We reserve the right to modify this Agreement. Continued use of the website or purchase of products after changes constitutes acceptance of the new terms.

11. User Identity

  • You warrant that your identification information is accurate and that you are authorized to do business under applicable laws.

12. User Accounts

  • If you create an account, you are responsible for maintaining its security and all activities that occur under it.
  • Notify us immediately of any unauthorized use.

13. Use of Products

  • You must use Focusonics.com products in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.
  • You should adhere to all safety guidelines and instructions provided with the products.

14. Prohibited Uses

  • You must not use Focusonics.com products for any illegal or unauthorized purposes.

15. Content Submission

  • We are not responsible for any damages or harm resulting from the use of our products or the content available on our website.

16. Website and Product Use Responsibility

  • We are not responsible for damages or harm from using our products or website content.

17. External Content

  • We are not responsible for the content of external websites linked to or from Focusonics.com.

18. Intellectual Property

  • All trademarks and intellectual property related to Focusonics.com are owned by Neurotechnology. Your use of the website or purchase of products does not grant you any rights to these intellectual properties.

19. Support

  • We may provide customer support for our products at our discretion.

20. Fees

  • Prices for our products are listed on our website and are subject to change with prior notice.

21. Termination

  • Access to the website can be terminated at any time, with or without cause.

22. Limitation of Liability

  •  Our liability is limited as detailed in this section, regardless of the nature of the claim.

23. Indemnification

  • You agree to indemnify us against all claims and expenses arising from your use of the website or products.

24. Independent Contractors

  • Both parties are independent contractors and cannot bind each other in any way.

25. Force Majeure

  • We are not liable for delays or failures in providing products due to events beyond our control.

26. Governing Law

  • This Agreement is governed by the laws of the Republic of Lithuania and will be adjudicated in Vilnius.

27. Severability

  • If any part of this Agreement is found invalid, the rest remains in effect.

28. Entire Agreement

  • This document constitutes the entire agreement between the parties regarding its subject matter.

29. Dispute Resolution

  • In the event of a dispute arising from the use of Focusonics.com products or services, we first encourage contacting our customer service team for resolution. If the dispute cannot be resolved amicably, it shall be referred to and finally resolved by arbitration or legal proceedings, governed by the laws of the Republic of Lithuania.

30. Refund and Return policy:

Focusonics.com may allow its customers to return the purchased product and apply for refund within 7 days of the original date of receiving if the product does not meet customer’s needs. Customers will be refunded the original purchase price for the product provided that the following conditions are met:

  • Customers must arrange the shipping to the location designated by Focusonics.com and pay for it.
  • After receiving the returned product, Neurotechnology will perform checks to confirm that:
    • the product functions as expected;
    • the product has no external or internal damage;
    • the product is in the original and undamaged package.
  • Shipping charges and VAT for shipping services are not refunded.