Command and Control Center Applications - Focusonics™

Command and Control Centers

A command and control center is a security tight room within a facility that provides the centralized monitoring, command and control of a situation, often functioning 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The importance of these centers cannot be underestimated. Their responsibility and power lie in their ability to bring about a cohesive togetherness between multiple sectors, disciplines to act in a situation of varying importance.

Focusonics™ directional speaker technology creates a narrow beam of sound that can be tightly controlled and distributed with similar precision as light. Our innovative speakers generate directional audio that can only be heard by the targeted individual or area, without sound dissipating into the surrounding environment which would be the case with standard loudspeakers.

This directional audio technology makes Focusonics™ a perfect fit for enhancing operations in command and control centers via the implementation of a communication system that frees staff up from having to use headphones or earpieces to receive audio. Crucially, silence will be maintained in the immediate surroundings of the area in which the directional speaker is emitting a beam of sound.

Command and control centers prevalence is emphasised by their use across various industries such as:

  • Emergency Operation Centers
  • Military
  • Transportation
  • Energy and Utilities Organizations
  • Sports and Entertainment Venues

Take a look at the Focusonics™ Model A speaker or a smaller Focusonics™ Model B speaker for more information.