Directional Speakers

Focusonics® is a directional speaker that incorporates state of the art technologies to create a constrained beam of sound.

This beam of sound can be heard up to tens of meters away. The listener becomes immersed in music or speech while just steps away no sound can be heard.

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How Focusonics® directional speakers work?

Focusonics® speakers generate directional audio in an accurate, fixed shape and direction with a precision similar to that of light. The audio is delivered to the targeted area with clarity and crucially does not add to any increase in ambient noise within nearby surroundings.

The directional sound speakers work in a completely different way to conventional loudspeakers. Conventional speakers typically produce audible sound waves with a singular, moving electromagnetic cone and coil. Contrastingly, Focusonics® directional speakers generate ultrasound waves (high-frequency sound) modulated with audio signal and as the waves pass through air they demodulate and sound can be heard. Ultrasonic waves possess a shorter wavelength, resulting in a small divergence of a sound beam.

Use cases for directional sound speakers?

The Focusonics® directional sound speaker is ideal for situations where sound reproduction needs to be localized to a certain area while quiet is maintained elsewhere.

This technology is particularly relevant for applications around visitor attraction and in public places where there is the requirement for sound to be directed or contained. Prime examples include promotions in retail showrooms or exhibitions, displays in art galleries or museums or even targeted public address and warning systems.

A source for sound and multimedia innovation

The speaker can also be used to produce "virtual source" effects. If the directional speaker is directed towards a surface, for instance, an LCD display, the sound beam will reflect from it and the sound will appear to emanate from the display itself rather than the speaker.

Focusonics Interactive Museum Solution

Enhance displays within the museum via Focusonics directional speakers partnered with person recognition technology to create an attention grabbing experience for the attraction's visitors.

Combining the innovative Focusonics directional speakers with AI person recognition benefits museum exhibits for various reasons:

  • Immerse visitors with selected audio messages of choice.
  • Personalized feel to those walking around the displays.
  • No additional ambient background noise to maintain tranquility within necessary areas.