Enhance your workplace in various genius ways with a Focusonics® Directional Speaker for Office

Focusonics® directional speakers are not only limited to use in industries such as museums and retail. They can also be harnessed to help improve a working environment by being equipped in an office. The two primary use-cases of directional speakers for offices are:

  • Creating an enjoyable and immersive working environment
  • Entrance greeting using combination of facial recognition and directional audio.

A working environment that everyone enjoys coming into each day and applying their trade is what every business wants to achieve. Directional speakers for office can help achieve this by creating an immersive and relaxing experience in waiting rooms, hallways, lounge areas. The directional beam of sound can reflect off surfaces with any audio of your choice, anything from birds chirping or the sound of a waterfall. For brief moments passers-by will feel an escape of their work surroundings and experience as if the bird or waterfall was really right next to them. 

Also, it is common practice for most large offices to have rooms, such as a waiting area or lounge space, where a TV is on all day. Incorporating a directional speaker next to the TV will give users the option to immerse themselves in the sound and anyone relaxing in the nearby surroundings will not be subjected to audio from the TV due to no increase in ambient background noise outside the targeted radius of the speaker.

Directional speakers for office are also beneficial by supplying localized sound in combination with computer vision which can be utilized by companies to offer a personalized greeting message to employees when attending their premises of work. Here at Focusonics®, we have used our expertise in deep-learning technologies to combine AI computer vision person recognition with directional audio for an advanced custom solution. When an employee attends the office the camera will recognize the individual and emit a personalized audio message. 

These messages can also be fixed, for instance when a door opens sound can be emitted with an instruction. Additionally, for guests entering the building who have had their photo uploaded and recognized by the system prior to arrival can have the required directions and instructions read out to them by the speaker when they enter the building and are detected by the facial recognition technology. It is often the small things that can make a working environment more enjoyable and this exciting feature delivers on that to help create a more valued feel to attending work for everyone involved.

Directional Speakers for Office - Which Focusonics® speaker is best suited?

Focusonics® Model A

  • Perfect for larger distance operations with an optimal range of 3-15 metres.
  • Maintains directivity over larger distances.
  • Powerful, loud volume capability.

Focusonics® Model B

  • Most appropriate for operating distances ranging from 1-5 metres.
  • Perfect for conversation-level volume of sound
  • Perfect for overhead operation to deliver sound to the person directly below.

Which directional speaker you choose for your office very much depends on the size of the room with the possible reflections off surfaces that can be created, as well as where people are situated in relation to the TV. For instance, the Model B speaker will be best suited for smaller areas, due to its optimal distance operation of 1-5 metres, where a less powerful sound reproduction is required in order to create the desired immersive experience for staff.

Similarly, the personalized greeting scenario at an office entrance may well be best suited for the Model B speaker due to the close interaction the user will have with the facial recognition camera.

The beauty of implementing directional speakers for offices is different companies will have a different working environment with various layouts such as in closed-space buildings or open warehouses. Larger work spaces could well be suited better for the larger Model A speaker. If you are unsure which speaker is the perfect fit for your office then please do not hesitate to contact us.

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What are Directional Speakers?

Focusonics® directional speakers work in a completely different way to conventional loudspeakers. Our range of speakers generate directional audio in a fixed and accurate shape, delivering the sound with precision to a targeted location. Not only is the audio delivered with clarity, crucially it does not increase the ambient noise within the nearby surroundings.