Immerse your visitors in personalized and localized sound with a Focusonics® Directional Speaker

Museums and galleries are an attraction that should bring about an informative, relaxing experience. Visitors attend such venues hoping for a unique, immersive experience.

Focusonics® speakers Model A or Model B can be mounted next to or above a piece of artwork, as a directional ceiling speaker, to provide relevant information that can be heard only by visitors who come close – leaving others undisturbed. Famous battles can be recreated in history museums by fitting directional speakers at different parts of the display. For instance, gunshots or rallying calls from commanders can be heard in different parts of the room to help engage visitors fully with the display.

The Focusonics® range of Directional Speakers for Museums

Focusonics® Model A

  • Best suited to larger distance operations (3-15 metres).
  • Maintains directivity over larger distances.
  • Perfect for larger displays and or larger exhibit halls in museums and galleries.

Focusonics® Model B

  • Most appropriate for operating distances ranging from 1-5 metres.
  • Perfect for conversation-level volume of sound
  • Perfect for a directional ceiling speaker to deliver sound to the person directly below.

Both the Focusonics® Model A and Model B speakers have key roles to play when it comes to improving both user experience and the efficiency of running museums and galleries.

Each speaker model is built upon the fundamental similarity of generating directional audio via producing a narrow beam of sound in an accurate, fixed shape and direction with high precision. This technology ensures sound reproduction is localized to the target area without adding to any increase in ambient noise in the close proximity of surroundings.

A Focusonics® directional speaker can also be directed towards the artwork, which will make it appear that the sound is emanating from the artwork itself and not the speaker. This is illustrated in the image below. Also, if there is an exhibit that it is not getting as much attention as others, directional audio from a speaker can be used to grab the attention of nearby visitors in the targeted area.

Our speakers can also be combined with AI computer vision technology for the purpose of personalized messaging or advertizing within your museum. Visit our interactive museum solution section for more information. 

What are Directional Speakers?

Focusonics® directional speakers work in a completely different way to conventional loudspeakers. Our range of speakers generate directional audio in a fixed and accurate shape, delivering the sound with precision to a targeted location. Not only is the audio delivered with clarity, crucially it does not increase the ambient noise within the nearby surroundings.