Directional Sound and its Applications - Focusonics™


Focusonics™ speakers generate directional sound via innovative technologies which can be utilized to the advantage of various industries.

Conventional speakers produce a beam of sound directly and the sound spreads out quickly coming from the speaker. Contrastingly, Focusonics™ speaker uses ultrasonic waves for indirect sound reproduction creating a narrow sound beam. Directional sound speakers allow for the opportunity to direct music, sound effects, messages or narration at your target audience via a clean, accurate beam of sound in a much more targeted manner.

Directional sound provides the capabilities to create a zone of audio that can be tailored to just one individual or a small group. This is beneficial for when you need to direct sound to a designated area or target and not interfere with nearby surroundings. The zone of audio allows for the delivery of the specified sound with clarity whilst controlling noise pollution. Focusonics™ speakers ensure that they direct the perfect beam of sound to the specified areas even within environments of perceived difficulties.

These are some of the application specific uses in which the maximum value of ultrasonic sound can be achieved via Focusonics™ directional speakers:


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