Each big town or city is often home to a museum that is the beating heart of tourism within the area. Spending the day at a museum or art gallery is all about providing a memorable experience for visitors. This experience can be enhanced with the inclusion of our interactive museum product for the following reasons: 

Focusonics Interactive Museum Solution integrates person recognition technology with Focusonics directional speakers to create an attention grabbing experience for museum’s visitors.

  • Immerse the targeted visitor with selected audio messages of choice.
  • Personalized feel to those attending the venue and walking around the displays.
  • No increase in ambient background noise to maintain tranquility within the attraction.

How does the Focusonics® interactive museum solution work? 

When a person enters the art gallery or a museum, they have their photo taken at the registration terminal and input their personal details such as name, age and language preference. The artworks or displays opting for this technological integration will then have a camera with a mini computer and Focusonics speakers installed. When a person stands within the proximity of a display fitted with the Focusonics product they are recognized by the camera and personalized text is selected/generated which is then played through the  speaker. 

The solution is based on the Neurotechnology’s NCheck Visitor Management System, which is used to enroll a person at the terminal and then recognise that person by the client devices installed at different locations. Once a personalized text is generated a text to speech generator is used to generate an audio track which is then played through the Focusonics® speaker.

Immerse your visitors with the Focusonics® interactive museum solution

This interactive feature for museums allows for the transmission of individualized messages to that particular person only. The display teams employed at the attraction venues have full control with the audio that they would like to be played out of the speaker. A person can be greeted by their name, different tracks can be played depending if a person is an adult or child, as well as bitesized facts or a longer information piece regarding the display.

Emitting audio information of an exhibit expands on having just a sign or plaque accomodating the display which is a benefit for multiple reasons; young children who cannot yet read or those stood too far away to make sense of the plaque can still immerse themselves within the exhibit, more information sources means guests can filter round the venue more efficiently and not miss out on any of the experience. 

Museums across the globe will have visitors from numerous countries which is why our interactive museum solution is set up with a language preference so no matter which person is interested in learning more about the chosen exhibit, they will be able to immerse themselves in directional audio that they understand.

The interactive museum system does not use a specialized hardware (apart from Focusonics® speakers) and can be selected based on various requirements by the customer. Typically, a regular computer or laptop could be used as a registration terminal with a Visitor Management System installed on it. The clients could run on mini pc such as Intel NUC with web cameras connected to it.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you are considering bringing the experience of your venue to the next age via our innovative and interactive museum solution!