Protect your visitors using personalized and localized sound with a Focusonics® Directional Speaker

The sound beam of the Focusonics® directional speaker can travel more than 30 meters, which is ideal for targeted public address systems. For example, the speaker can be used to inform or warn people at pedestrian crossings or it can be used to transmit warning messages to people who cross the safety line on train platforms.

Lifeguards can utilize the speaker to target and address specific people at the beach who are farther away. Depending on the size of the beach and the desire of how the speakers want to be harnessed by the staff, a couple of speakers can be concatenated to reach larger distances. If this is of interest please do not hesitate to contact us so we can produce the perfect speaker for your unique requirements.

Note: the speakers are best-suited for indoor use in order to avoid any distress caused by the weather. If you choose to install Focusonics® speakers outdoors it is highly-recommended that they are surrounded by protective structure in order to maintain optimum function. For any further information on outdoor use please contact us.

The Focusonics® range of Speakers

Focusonics® Model A

  • Best suited to larger distance operations (3-15 metres).
  • Maintains directivity over larger distances.
  • Perfect for larger displays and or larger exhibit halls in museums and galleries.

Focusonics® Model B

  • Most appropriate for operating distances ranging from 1-5 metres.
  • Perfect for conversation-level volume of sound
  • Perfect for overhead operation to deliver sound to the person directly below.

What are Directional Speakers?

Focusonics® directional speakers work in a completely different way to conventional loudspeakers. Our range of speakers generate directional audio in a fixed and accurate shape, delivering the sound with precision to a targeted location. Not only is the audio delivered with clarity, crucially it does not increase the ambient noise within the nearby surroundings.