Stand out from the crowd using personalized and localized sound with a Focusonics® Directional Speaker

Focusonics® directional speakers produce sound in a narrow, controlled beam, localized to a targeted area and crucially do not add to any ambient noise increase in the nearby surroundings.

Digital signage is very often a captivating form of advertisement that is hard to miss. The digital-out-of-home (DOOH) market has accelerated in growth massively over recent times, with an ever-increasing number of screens and customer touch displays being used in stores across the globe.

Speakers can be installed next to digital signage to attract attention and localize music or other sound for the display. The location of the advertisement display, and as a consequence, the distance available for targeting potential buyers is an important factor for which Focusonics® speaker will best-suit the signage.

The Focusonics® range of Directional Speakers

Focusonics® Model A

  • Best suited to larger distance operations (3-15 metres).
  • Maintains directivity over larger distances.
  • Perfect for larger displays and or larger exhibit halls in museums and galleries.

Focusonics® Model B

  • Most appropriate for operating distances ranging from 1-5 metres.
  • Perfect for conversation-level volume of sound
  • Perfect for overhead operation to deliver sound to the person directly below.

Focusonics® Model A speaker is best utilized over 3-15 metres and is generally a more powerful speaker. On the other hand, Focusonics® Model B speaker is ideal for short range application of 1-5 metres. Therefore, it is important to consider which Focusonics® Model speaker will help your digital signage display reach maximum engagement with potential customers. Both Focusonics® Model A and Model B speakers are designed primarily for indoor use. If you are planning to use it for an outdoor application, please contact us to discuss possible options.

What are Directional Speakers?

Focusonics® directional speakers work in a completely different way to conventional loudspeakers. Our range of speakers generate directional audio in a fixed and accurate shape, delivering the sound with precision to a targeted location. Not only is the audio delivered with clarity, crucially it does not increase the ambient noise within the nearby surroundings.