Virtual Source Effects Applications for Directional Speakers - Focusonics™

Virtual Source Effects

The narrow sound beam of the Focusonics™ speaker can be directed towards transparent screens, smart mirrors, holograms, etc. to create the effect of a virtual source. It will appear as if the sound is originating from this transparent screen or mirror rather than the speaker itself, providing a much more immersive experience for the consumer.

The speaker can also be used to create a feel of the outdoors in indoor environments, such as offices or shops. By playing nature sound effects and directing the sound beam towards reflecting surfaces such as walls or the ceiling, multiple sound reflections will produce the illusion that the sounds are emanating from different places in the room. For example, if the sounds of birds singing are beamed at different areas of the room, it will feel as if the birds are present at those different locations in the room.

The same effect can be also used for meditation rooms, spas or entertainment venues, such as theaters or haunted houses.

Overall, there is a wide scope of opportunity to utilize the innovative Focusonics™ Model A speaker or Focusonics™ Model B speaker in order to help bring creative ideas, such as holograms, to life through directional audio technology.