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Focusonics™ is an established manufacturer of ultrasonic speakers, available to buy now, that harness ultrasonic waves for sound reproduction. These specialized speakers create directional audio so sound can be localized to a targeted area and as a consequence, not contribute to any increase in ambient noise in the nearby surroundings.

At Focusonics™, we manufacture two models of ultrasonic speaker that have different capabilities and uses including:


  • Best suited to larger distance operations (3-15 metres)
  • Optimal range of 3-15 metres
  • Powerful, loud volume capability
  • Smaller model for shorter distances
  • Optimal range of 1-5 metres
  • Ideal for overhead operation

What is an ultrasonic speaker?

Ultrasonic speakers, also commonly referred to as directional or parametric speakers, are a unique variety of speaker which use ultrasonic waves to reproduce sound. The ultrasonic waves have a shorter wavelength, hence this type of speaker produces more directional sound than conventional speaker systems. This effect cannot be achieved with loudspeakers commonly found on the market because sound at audible frequencies cannot be focused into a narrow beam.  

The below graphic illustrates the sound dispersion difference between a conventional loudspeaker and an ultrasonic speaker, and how people standing within the target range of the latter are subjected to the narrow beam of directional audio, but those in the nearby surroundings experience no increase in ambient noise.

The result of using an ultrasonic speaker is that people placed just a few feet apart can either be subjected to audio emanating from the speaker, or hear nothing depending on who is standing within the directional target range of the device.

How do ultrasonic speakers work?

These unique speakers function by incorporating a parametric array, a nonlinear transduction mechanism. A parametric array does not generate sound directly, but reproduces sound from ultrasonic waves. 

The speaker generates ultrasound waves (high-frequency sound) modulated with audio signals and as these waves pass through the air they demodulate and sound can be heard. They differ from conventional loudspeakers which spread audible sound in a much wider radius than ultrasonic systems due to larger wavelengths.

Applications of Ultrasonic Speakers

Focusonics™ speakers have a wide array of applications across various industries due to their unique ability to direct sound to a targeted area. The main focus for our products is within the public sector and visitor attractions including:

For further information on how this innovative sound technology is improving and can further enhance these industries take a read of our applications page. 

Are ultrasonic speakers safe?

Scientific research has shown there to be no adverse effects on those subjected to ultrasonic speakers due to the fact that humans are intrinsically less sensitive to ultrasonic waves. The mentioned study had speakers emitting sound of an audio frequency of up to 40 kHz with no resultant side effects, and likely would have produced the same outcome with increased frequency. Note that this is far higher than the human hearing range of 20 Hz to 20 kHz.  

Focusonics™  ultrasonic speakers are built with the purpose in mind to help improve the everyday running of various industries and improve the quality of life within the home, including aiding sleep through emitting white noise and assisting hearing impaired individuals who struggle to hear the television. 

Although, this technology can be harnessed for other purposes such as by the police and military, typically in the form of a Long Range Acoustic Device (LRAD), as a deterrent to disperse crowds and cause distress to unwanted small vessels out at sea for example. The amplitude and power of these directional audio devices used by defence sectors across the world are far higher compared to those commercially available through manufacturers such as Focusonics™.

For any enquiries into buying an ultrasonic speaker from Focusonics and joining the new audio revolution, or general questions please do not hesitate to contact us.