Focusonics® for an Audiovisual Art Installation

Focusonics® for an Audiovisual Art Installation

Focusonics® directional speakers are capable of acting as a powerful tool for creating an audiovisual art installation. These speakers emit a focused beam of sound, which can be directed to a specific audience or area. This makes them ideal for creating immersive soundscapes that surround the listener, or for delivering targeted messages.

In November 2022, a Focusonics® speaker was used at the “Kunst Lokal Rheinfelden” exhibition in Switzerland. Mounted on a robotic arm, the speaker was integrated into a site-specific sound sculpture that explored the critical global issue of diminishing freshwater reserves and escalating climate-induced sea level shifts. The kinetic interplay between the robotic arm’s movements and the water sounds coming from the Focusonics® ultrasonic speaker created a powerful and evocative experience that raised awareness of the issue.

hyd~ by Fabrizio di Salvo

In this audiovisual art installation, an artist used a speaker called Model A, mounted on the robotic arm. It’s a larger version of what we offer and works well when sound needs to travel up to 30 meters. This long-distance capability made the beam reflect from the walls and ceiling creating virtual source effects and sound multipaths and making it a truly immersive experience. For shorter distance operation (1 to 5 meters), there’s Model B, a compact version that is typically mounted above a visitor’s head to create a localized spot of sound.

However, directional speakers aren’t just for art – they have many other practical uses, including:

  • Retail environments: Ultrasonic speakers can be used to create targeted marketing messages or to enhance the shopping experience.
  • Museum solutions: Focusonics® directional speakers can be used to present audio tours or to create immersive personalized soundscapes.
  • Public Address and Warning Systems: Parametric speakers can be used to deliver clear and concise messages to specific areas or groups of people, such as in airports, train stations, and other crowded public spaces.

Harnessing the power of a directed sound beam, they empower you to engage your audience with utmost accuracy, whether through music, nuanced soundscapes, or tailored messages.

For those seeking a way to create an immersive audiovisual art installation or to seamlessly integrate Focusonics® directional speakers into their own applications, we invite you to initiate contact with us today.

Focusonics® for an Audiovisual Art Installation
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