Focusonics® speaker in National Museum of Lithuania - Focusonics®

Focusonics® speaker in National Museum of Lithuania

Focusonics® in the National Museum of Lithuania

In 2021 Neurotechnology has partnered with the National Museum of Lithuania (House of Histories department) to create an attention grabbing museum installation that ensures visitor engagement throughout the exhibition.

Three black and three white Model B Focusonics® directional speakers were installed in several exposition rooms allowing visitors to listen to Lithuanian history and immerse themselves in the past without disturbing any passers-by. The innovation can be operated with two large pedals in front of the display activating either Lithuanian or English version of the directional sound system hung above the art. Since ultrasonic waves tend to disperse less, this technology allows localizing sound to a specific location personalizing the experience for visitors.

Additionally, ultrasonic waves are more reflective than regular audio ones, a feature that could prove its use in a museum or retail store creating a reflector-based effect. Pointed at artwork or item, it would create an illusion as if they were the ones talking to the visitor. Imagine walking through the Louvre and at a particular spot Mona Lisa would tell you her life story.

However, sound application in museums is one of many possible use cases. Directional sound can be successfully used in retail, digital signage, exhibition venues, command and control centers, and places that require active noise control. For more information on these and other popular use cases please visit our applications page.

The smaller version of the sound system that is most appropriate for operating in the range of 1-5 meters from the speaker was installed inside the National Museum of Lithuania. The larger Model A can be used in more spacious areas since it can reach distances of up to 30 metres. Needless to say, a custom-built Focusonics® ultrasonic speaker with integrated biometric technologies can be used for targeted advertising and automated warning systems without creating noise pollution for others. Contact us now for the possibility to bring your vision to life.

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