Audio exploration at the National Gallery of Art

Audio exploration at the National Gallery of Art

Difficult pasts. Connected worlds

Focusonics® directional speakers were used in a collaborative audio exploration project between the artists from the three Baltic countries, Ukraine, Poland, Finland, and the Netherlands. The project “Difficult Pasts. Connected Worlds” was designed to look for novel approaches through which art and culture can help the general public become more aware of the connections between the past and present.

The main objective of the audio exploration project is to convey and explore the relationship between the past and the present by addressing the current armed conflicts and histories of colonialism, the precarious balances between modes of survival and collaboration, and the ways in which post-soviet countries have managed to deal with the shadows of the past. 

The artists have used several Focusonics® Model A focused sound speakers to tell the story of where the past and the present collide to discover new strategies on which art and culture may increase public awareness of these issues and help shape today’s reality. The audio spotlighting technology allowed the listeners to be immersed in music while no sound was heard just a few steps away. 

Audio exploration at the National Gallery of Art
Foto autorė – Gintarė Grigėnaitė

Other use cases

Focusonics® Model A speaker is ideal in larger spaces where the sound needs to be transmitted between the range of 3-15 meters. Being a more powerful speaker, it is well-suited for applications where visitors’ attention needs to be attracted, such as public address systems, retail, or tradeshows and exhibitions

The smaller Model B version of the speaker is well suited for operation distances ranging up to 5 meters. One of the applications it was designed for allows the users to experience virtual source effects. It works when the sound beam of the Focusonics® ultrasonic speaker is directed to a surface, such as an LCD screen, therefore, it seems that the sound is coming from the display rather than the speaker. 

For more information about the Focusonics® directional speakers and the possibilities to incorporate them into your projects, contact us today.

Audio exploration at the National Gallery of Art
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