Improved Focusonics® directional speakers' experience

Improved Focusonics® directional speakers’ experience

Several product changes have been implemented into Focusonics® directional speakers aiming to improve the experience for its users. Both Model A and Model B speaker advancements feature a more compact wireless speaker design, sound play trigger from external sensors, and else.

The new Focusonics® ultrasound speaker features’ list includes the following improvements:

  • While the slim form factor is maintained, all electronics are now integrated into the speaker enclosure. This update makes the installation and setup of Focusonics® speakers more convenient.
  • Several engineering improvements were made to the speakers’ transducers. This resulted in an increased maximum volume of sound coming from the Focusonics® sound focusing speakers. 
  • Like their predecessors, new ultrasonic speaker models offer Bluetooth and line-in audio input connections making it easy to integrate the Focusonics® directional speakers into your application of choice.
  • Both models are now available in either black or white colors. This design quality allows for better integration with various interior spaces by color-matching the environments.
  • The new focused sound speakers have an integrated external trigger that can be combined with, for example, a motion sensor to trigger a play of an audio recording on demand. The trigger controls the playback of an audio track on a connected Bluetooth device. This feature is extremely useful in museum and art gallery settings where the same audio track needs to be played over and over again when a visitor is within the sensor range.
Focusonics directional speakers update

These advancements have been implemented to make Focusonics® directional speakers more compact, easier to use, and more convenient to integrate into the environment.

Upgrade your user experience with the new and improved Focusonics® speakers today.

Focusonics Model B directional speakers
Improved Focusonics® directional speakers’ experience
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